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Virtual consultations 

Remote consultations by phone or video are available for both primary (GP) and secondary (consultant) care on secure platforms. You can book the latter through each consultant’s medical secretary. 


We screen all patients, visitors and staff for COVID-19 on arrival. The screening process involves you answering a set of verbal questions. We also check your temperature.

Staff testing

Appropriate COVID-19 testing has been made available to all of our clinical staff and support workers. The continuous testing our staff undergo allows us to better understand and manage any cases of COVID-19 in our hospitals and clinics.

Self isolating

If you are visiting us for an invasive diagnostic test or being admitted for a procedure, you will be required to self-isolate for seven or 14 days respectively. Up to four days before coming to hospital you will have a combined nose and throat swab to test for COVID-19 – either via a drive-through location or in-person.

Social distancing

To minimise contact between patients, outpatient appointments will be staggered. Patients should not arrive more than 15 minutes before their appointment. Please stay safe by following on-site guidance and remaining two metres apart.  

Hospital environments

All disinfection measures have been enhanced, including increasing the number of hand sanitiser stations.

Visit us alone

We would ask that you attend any appointment or admission alone. In exceptional circumstances, such as if you require an interpreter or a carer to accompany you, appropriate measures can be agreed beforehand.


We ask all patients, visitors and staff to wear a mask when in our hospitals and clinics. These are provided upon entry. 

Washing your hands

Hand sanitisers can be found throughout our hospitals and clinics.  Please use these handwashing zones regularly. You should wash your hands, thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds.

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