Time Line Therapist & NLP Coach

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About Me

As a highly qualified and experienced therapist and coach, it has been my privilege to inspire people for over 3 decades towards clearing their limitations and unlocking their possibilities.

Trained in Time Line Therapy® (TLT Master), Coaching (Life and Business coaching) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP Master & Trainer of NLP), I enable people to heal themselves mentally and physically through positive psychology, neuroscience and accelerated learnings.


Having been a member of numerous therapy boards of standards ABNLP, COMENSA, IMI, ABH and as a member of the Association for NLP (ANLP) I align and adhere to ethical and legal standards to ensure that my clients have a safe environment in which to grow, develop and heal.


Making a difference in my community has been core to my life, having been a counsellor at LifeLine for over 20 years, chairperson of Child Line and an active listening volunteer at Samaritans. I grew an extra heart when my daughter was born, and love our family time walking with my wife, dog (and yes cat), as well as reading, swimming and cycling.

My Approach


Session fees range from £50.

In a post COVID lockdown era, sessions are available both in person or online.

Do you want to grow, develop and heal in a holistic way that incorporates life balance that is sustainable? That’s what I do. 


By creating a gentle, safe, empowering environment I utilise Time Line Techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Applied Neuroscience to support you in moving away from pain and limitations and moving towards those aspects that make life fulfilled and meaningful. These techniques empower you to take back the emotional reins in your life, in a sustainable manner.


​Clearing those negative emotions or limiting beliefs is half the battle, the other aspect of my approach is through NLP coaching and inspiring you to build your new life strategies into powerful habits and building resilience. These support you to develop intrinsic motivation and living a fuller, happier, and more enriched life.


I believe in you as your coach and therapist! Isn’t it time for you to do the same?

How I Can Help

As a master of the unconscious mind, I enable you to build a better relationship with your unconscious mind towards releasing negative emotions that are often suppressed, like depression, anxiety, anger, fear, hurt and apathy. These negative emotions often prevent you from reaching the peak of your own development and many times cause suffering too. 

My prime area of support is towards enabling my clients to regain positive mental health and balance, specialising where there are the most challenges such as:


​​Low self-esteem & Confidence

Depression or sadness

Stress & anxiety 

Panic attacks 

Obsessive disorders 


As a Time Line Therapist & NLP Coach, I have gathered techniques, tools, models and frameworks across the years that have enabled my clients to overcome all manner of “stuckness” and being passionate about growth, I support others on their journey of development. I look forward to walking that journey with you too.