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Klara Walters-James

Massage Therapist



1.5 hours

Other Details

  • I accept cash, cheque and Bacs

About Me

My name is Klara Walters-James and I am a massage therapist and yoga teacher.  I trained as a yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga accredited Yoga Academy, lead by Simon Low, and I also hold Level 3 Diploma in Holistic and Therapeutic Massage from ITEC accredited Oxford School of Massage. 

My Approach

Over the last ten years I have been sharing yoga and meditative practices with my yoga students, helping them find a quiet space through movement and meditation.  I have learned to observe and read bodies in movement (and I am forever aspiring to learn to read the mind!).


I have always been acutely aware of the fact that in both the physical practice of yoga and in meditation we are ultimately alone. We have to rely on ourselves to enter some kind of space where we can rest and relax. Nobody can move your body for you and nobody can quieten your mind for you. With massage therapy, however, you can “hand over” the business of relaxation and letting go to the massage therapist.  You can simply rest on the massage bed and know that for just over an hour there is nothing to do and nowhere to go. Someone else, through a hands-on treatment, will help you unwind. Whether you are a yoga and meditation practitioner or not, all I wish to do is just that. 

How I Can Help

My aim is not to heal any particular condition through massage therapy alone. However, I will always try and focus on any area of concern that you may have. Through reducing stress levels and releasing muscle tension, you will find that some conditions may, over time, start fixing themselves.  My key focus is to help in this process. I hope that, as a minimum, you will leave the massage room with a chance of a good night sleep and with being at ease – with yourself and with the world around you. 

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