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Initial consultation: £65 

Adjustments: £37 

Children (0-18 yrs)

Initial consultation: £40 

Adjustments: £22 

Note: Weekends and out of hours appointments are available by special arrangement and will incur an extra charge

Registered with AXAPPP and BUPA

Member of Bluelight Scheme

About Me

I graduated in 2007, having completed my Master's degree at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth. I have since loved helping clients of all ages improve their quality of life through decreased pain and improved mobility and function. I'm passionate about being active, educating and inspiring people to understand that good health isn’t just about symptoms but optimal functioning, which can be achieved through lifestyle choices. I have a special interest in helping pregnant women have great pain free pregnancies with easier births, and helping babies and children fulfil their potential - a value I hold highly as a mum of 2 cheeky monkeys. 

My Approach

Most people think Chiropractic is just for back and neck pain, but it is so much more! Chiropractic is about health, movement and helping to restore the body to wellness, allowing it to heal and function at its optimum.

We focus on the spine and pelvis as it houses and protects the nervous system (spinal cord) which connects the messages from your brain to your body. Nothing happens in your body without the brain saying so! Any stresses (either physical, chemical or emotional) will cause a change in the way your body moves. These abnormal movement patterns affect the quality of the messages travelling via the nerves, changing the picture the brain receives or sends out. When this happens over a long period of time, the body is unable to heal and function at its best, resulting in poor health, pain and symptoms often being present. This is your body's way of telling you there is a problem.

How I Can Help

Chiropractic focuses on addressing those stresses and areas of abnormal movement, allowing optimal function to be restored and healing to take place. We do this using small, precise and gentle adjustments to the affected areas of the body and spine, and use a holistic approach which may include diet, exercise and lifestyle advice. My area of special interest is pregnancy and family care including babies and children. I frequently see and help women with:


Pelvic girdle pains

Ligament pains

Sciatic pains 

Upper back, neck and shoulder pain


I also love seeing babies and kids of any age for spinal health and wellbeing – It’s especially important to us that the little ones have an optimally working spine and nervous system – playing and learning can be hard work! Often parents will bring their babies and kids in if they are experiencing symptoms such as:

Sleeping challenges


Feeding and digestive problems


Spinal health and wellbeing