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A 1-hour session is £90

Sessions are also available via video and telephone

About Me

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist providing psychological therapy to individuals, couples and families. I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and am a Chartered member of the British Psychological Society. I have worked in both NHS and private settings and am committed to offering high quality, effective and compassionate therapy.

My Approach

Through studying my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Oxford I have gained experience and knowledge of a wide range of therapeutic approaches and psychological difficulties across the lifespan.


My practice is primarily informed by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) however I am respectful that every person is an individual so I am conscious that finding the most effective way of dealing with an issue may involve integrating ideas from a range of orientations. Therapy can, at times, be an emotionally challenging process however I believe strongly that therapy can provide us with a means of understanding ourselves better and enriching our lives as a result. 

I am strongly influenced by ideas from solution-focused approaches and subscribe to the view that we all have the ability to find solutions for the challenges that life throws at us.  My job as a therapist is to help the people I work with to find those solutions, consider alternative perspectives, and ultimately empower them to become their own therapist.


For me, it is not only important that the people I work with feel better in the short-term but that they feel more equipped to cope in the long-term.

How I Can Help

Common issues I work with include but are not limited to


Low mood

Anxiety-related conditions

Panic attacks


Anger issues


Relationship problems

Postnatal depression

Low self-esteem/self-confidence

Dealing with life transitions (e.g. bereavement/retirement)

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