Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

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Session fee is £55

Therapy sessions are currently over the telephone due to Covid-19

About Me

Making the decision to begin therapy can be anxiety-provoking. It is important, therefore, to find the right therapist for you, as this is a vital element of the psychotherapeutic process.

Finding a therapist you feel safe with and with whom you have a sense of connection will enable you to explore the issues that are concerning you. People of all ethnicities and social backgrounds seek therapy for a plethora of reasons, and I welcome patients whatever their culture, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender.

My Approach

Using the psychodynamic model, I offer a confidential, safe, professional environment where you can share, explore, and reflect on issues that you may be finding troubling or difficult to work through.


Psychodynamic psychotherapy is based on the idea that our past experiences, behaviours and relationships affect who we are today. During our sessions together, feelings, thoughts, images and dreams can be explored to help you gain a deeper understanding of how you relate to yourself and to others, and why they may be affecting you. The aim therapy is to help you make sense of your current situation and of the feelings, thoughts and associated memories that have brought about this situation.


I work with clients for open-ended and time limited sessions. How long we will work together will depend on what you are looking to gain from our sessions and what feels right for both of us.

How I Can Help

The following is a list of the concerns I can help with

Feelings of stress and anxiety

Panic attacks

Feelings of depression, sadness

or emptiness

Problems with anger

Confidence problems

Feeling burdened by shame or guilt

Feelings of loneliness or isolation

Low self-esteem

Lacking a sense of purpose


Feelings of abandonment


This list is not exhaustive, so, if your concern is not listed, please contact me by email or telephone to find out whether I will be able to help you.

Issues of belonging

Sex related issues


Gender issues

Relationship and family difficulties

Work-related problems

Finding work overwhelming

Identity concerns

Coming to terms with ageing

Difficulty with making decisions